Roundtable: Byte or Bust – The Risks & Rewards of GenAI


Generative AI invokes as much fear as it does excitement in 2024, and this dichotomy will be the key focus of an exclusive deep-dive roundtable discussion, hosted by our partners, Amdaris, an Insight Company.

Taking place in the stunning Swiss Room of The Mount St Restaurant — an architectural tribute to elegant art and design in central London — we’ll be hosting industry leaders as they sink their teeth into the risks and rewards of Generative AI, and discuss how businesses can equip themselves to avoid the pitfalls of AI and best utilise exciting technology to their advantage. Attendees will leave the session with a clear understanding of the ethics, market considerations and legal considerations needed to build a flawless Generative AI strategy.

Attendees will enjoy an award-winning three-course dinner, as well as a private Champagne reception upon arrival. Seats are limited so don’t miss your chance to join this important discussion.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Planning a Responsible AI Strategy: Analyse developing ethical guidelines for the use of Generative AI in products and services. What steps should you take to ensure responsible innovation while maximizing the benefits of AI?
  • Crating Creative Capital: Explore the potential market value of Generative AI technology and its impact on company growth trajectory. How can AI capabilities be leveraged to capture new market segments and drive revenue growth?
  • Navigating Intellectual Property Challenges: Examine the legal implications of Generative AI on copyright and intellectual property rights. How should you proactively address legal challenges to protect intellectual assets while fostering innovation in the AI space?

If you’re interested in adding your unique voice and perspective to the discussion then please register your interest below! This is the second event in the four-part series, so please keep your eyes open for more.


Date: Thursday 27th June

Time: 18:00 – 22:00 

Location: Swiss room, First Floor 41-43 Mount Street, London W1K 2RX England

18:00 – Arrival & Welcome Drinks 

19:30 – 3 Course Dinner & Discussion 

22:00 – End of Event 

Guest Speaker: 

Nigel Moulton

Fractional CTO, Freeman Clarke

Former CTO at Dell Technologies, Nigel works as a consultant with Freeman Clarke, using his 25 years of experience to inspire and influence other CTOs.

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