Join CTOs and other tech leaders in your city at our informal drinks and networking events, get feedback on ideas and make life-long connections.

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22nd May, 2024 | Warsaw
29th May, 2024 | Edinburgh
29th May, 2024 | Bucharest
12th June, 2024 | Stockholm
18th June, 2024 | Gdánsk
19th June, 2024 | Dublin

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Our Mixers are organised by passionate CTO Craft community members, and supported by the CTO Craft Events team.


These gatherings aim to unite current CTO Craft members, seasoned tech leaders, and individuals aspiring to step into such roles, fostering networking opportunities and stimulating insightful discussions.


If you are enthusiastic about hosting recurring in-person events in your city, we’d love to hear from you! 

Become a Supporting Partner

CTO Craft Mixers operate on a non-profit basis, which means they are not open to sponsorship.

However, we greatly appreciate support from companies willing to contribute venue space and/or catering services for our events.

Your generosity will enable you access to our community members while us helpipng to creating vibrant and engaging experiences. 

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